Is Your Name On The CrossCheck List?

(Courtesy Al Jazeera)

The total Crosscheck list contains 6,951,484 voters from 28 states. These two lists obtained by Al Jazeera America represent 1,703,958 voters.

Use the search link below to search through Crosscheck lists from Georgia and Virginia. If your name appears on this list, you are a potential “double voter”. Voting twice is a felony, punishable by 2 to 10 years in prison. Guilty or not, voters whose names appear on these lists could be purged from voter rolls. If you try to vote you could be handed a Provisional Ballot, which WILL NOT BE COUNTED unless you ACTIVELY CHALLENGE the suspension of your registration.

This is the first time these lists have been made public since the Crosscheck program began in 2005. Al Jazeera America obtained these lists through open records requests.

Look up your name in the Crosscheck list for Georgia and Virginia