Provisional Ballot Process in Florida

What else do I have to do if I vote a provisional ballot?

You will be provided a written notice of your rights as a provisional ballot voter. (Section 101.048, F.S.) You have the right to present further evidence of your eligibility if you want up to 2 days after the election. Depending on the reason why you voted a provisional ballot, there may no further need in order for your provisional ballot to count:

If the reason you voted a provisional ballot is solely because you did not provide an acceptable photo and signature identification at the polls, you do not need to provide any further evidence of your eligibility in order for your ballot to count. The local canvassing board will simply compare your signature on the provisional ballot certificate with the signature on your voter registration record. If the signatures match, your provisional ballot will be counted.

If you vote a provisional ballot for other reasons (for example, your eligibility is challenged by another person, you are in the wrong precinct when you vote, you do not appear on the precinct register, etc.), you have the opportunity to bring in evidence to your respective supervisor of elections no later than 5 p.m., of the second day following the election. (Section 101.048, F.S.) The local canvassing board will examine your provisional ballot certificate, and any and all other information and evidence, if anything is available. The board must count your provisional ballot unless the board determines, based on preponderance of the evidence, that you are not entitled to vote.

How do I find out if my provisional ballot was counted?

You will be given a Notice of Rights which will include instructions on how to find out if your provisional ballot was counted, and if not, the reason(s) why, will be contained in your notice of rights handed to you at the time that you vote a provisional ballot. Information as to whether your provisional ballot was counted or not must be made available no later than 30 days following the election. (Sections 101.048(5)-(6), F.S.)