Techno-coup: Mission Accomplished – Putin/Trump: Is it “Game Over”?

Techno-coup: Mission Accomplished – Putin/Trump: Is it “Game Over”?

Those of us worried about World War III need to look behind us.

It’s already happened, and we just lost, all in less than 100 days.

While Trump was playing the old New York street shell game of distraction, the unseen troops have completed their mission behind our backs.

The GOP set up the ground game with gerrymandering, Fox trained the masses with misinformation propaganda, and the corporations did their part by compromising the vote counting machines and the monopoly media, while Putin laid out the plan to the Trump family and friends, and his cyber-troops formed the rear guard.

The list of cabinet holders and members of Congress with connections to Putin’s scheme is ever growing. It’s hard to keep track, but the FBI and CIA are still trying. The FBI and the CIA are doubtless uncovering mounds of evidence of collusion, hacking, payoffs and corruption, but to what end? Does it even matter? When the mountain of evidence is so high that it could topple the government, …..then what?

So far the list includes the President and most of his cabinet, and a growing list of names in the Congress and Senate. If charges were to be brought and proven the convictions could include the president and vice president, on through the chain of succession to likely include the speaker of the house, along with most if not all of the cabinet, who now working like termites on the furniture of the American dream.

This Congress won’t hold serious hearings on the evidence, there are no lawyers in the Justice Department left to file court actions, hundreds of other judicial vacancies may never be filled, and the deck is now stacked against any appeal to the Supreme Court.

And there’s more than enough money sources to keep the corruption game going, as one by one the rules, in the form of regulations, are going to the highest bidder. The bricks in the foundation of Democracy that have been sold off one by one until that foundation is crumbling. It will take decades to restore that foundation and to repair the damage to education, environment, public services and protections, vote integrity, the judicial, health and welfare, infrastructure, and the economy, public lands, and so much more that is already gone.

The goalposts are now on wheels and the rules are gone, while all the umpires and referees have been sent home.

It’s already game-over. Not for Putin and Trump, but for us: we were the pawns and we didn’t even see it. The dumb guy really did know how to play chess after all – Check and mate. Nothing accomplished in the first 100 days? Guess again. There’s been some “winning”, all right, but the voters both are the losers.

Is there any hope of getting it back? Perhaps, but only with a very strong and continued effort, with social media and people in the streets and in the legislator’s faces, and even to the advertisers supporting corporate media. They drove the truck into the crowd and now we need to rebuild the barriers.

They made America broken and it will take a lot of glue and patience to put it back together again and to find ways to make it never happen again, but it’s going to taste like putting butter on burnt toast.